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Various improvements

parent 50de2ec9
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ chmod 755 /usr/bin/yq
/usr/bin/yq e '.users.min_password_length.default = 6' -i /var/discourse/config/site_settings.yml
/usr/bin/yq e '.users.min_admin_password_length.min = 6' -i /var/discourse/config/site_settings.yml
/usr/bin/yq e '.users.min_admin_password_length.default = 6' -i /var/discourse/config/site_settings.yml
/usr/bin/yq e '.security.force_https.default = true' -i /var/discourse/config/site_settings.yml
# Remove tabs from Webmin UI
rm -r /usr/share/webmin/stabile/tabs/commands
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