Commit 60aee67f authored by HQ's avatar HQ
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Bug fixes and performance improvements

parent 0f0f2d7f
......@@ -169,6 +169,7 @@ END
my $res = `echo "db.getSiblingDB('admin').updateUser('stabile',{pwd:'$pwd'})" | mongo -u "stabile" -p "$oldpwd" --authenticationDatabase "admin"`;
unless (system(qq|htpasswd -b $conf stabile $pwd|) || $res =~ /exception/) {
`echo "$pwd" > /etc/mongod.pass`;
`echo "$pwd" > /usr/share/webmin/stabile/tabs/mongodb/mongod.pass`;
$message = "MongoDB dashboard password was changed!";
} else {
$message = "Unable to change password! $res";
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